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VAT iden­ti­fi­ca­tion num­ber: DE 120 582 756
Re­gis­te­red: Amts­ge­richt Neuss Re­gis­tra­tion num­ber: HRB 5181
Pre­si­dent and CEO: An­ge­lika Schischke, Hol­ger Grundmann

Con­t­ents of the On­line Of­fe­ring
The aut­hor as­su­mes no war­ranty whatsoever for the in­for­ma­tion pro­vi­ded being up to date, cor­rect or com­plete, nor for its qua­lity. Any lia­bi­lity claims against the aut­hor re­fer­ring to da­ma­ges of a ma­te­rial or non-material na­ture cau­sed by the usage or non-usage of the in­for­ma­tion pro­vi­ded, or by the usage of faulty and in­com­plete in­for­ma­tion, are ex­clu­ded as a mat­ter of prin­ciple, pro­vi­ded that the aut­hor is not at fault in terms of ha­ving de­mons­tra­bly ac­ted in­ten­tio­nally or in a grossly ne­gli­gent man­ner. All of­fers are sub­ject to change and deemed to be non-binding. The aut­hor ex­pressly re­ser­ves the right to al­ter, supp­le­ment or de­lete parts of the site/pages or the ent­ire of­fe­ring wi­t­hout se­pa­rate no­tice, or to tem­pora­rily or de­fi­ni­tively cease its pu­bli­ca­tion.
Re­fe­ren­ces and Links
In the case of any di­rect or in­di­rect re­fe­ren­ces to other web­sites (»hy­per­links«) outs­ide the scope of the author’s re­sponsi­bi­lity a lia­bi­lity ob­li­ga­tion would only take ef­fect in the event that the aut­hor had know­ledge of the con­t­ents and pos­ses­sed the tech­ni­cal means, and could re­a­son­ably be ex­pec­ted to use such tech­ni­cal means, to prevent usage in case of the pre­sence of il­le­gal con­t­ents. The aut­hor hereby ex­pressly de­cla­res that at the time of es­ta­blis­hing the link(s) there was no il­le­gal con­tent de­tec­ta­ble on the lin­ked sites/pages. The aut­hor has no in­flu­ence whatsoever on the cur­rent and fu­ture de­sign, con­t­ents or aut­hor­ship of the lin­ked sites/pages. The­re­fore, the aut­hor hereby ex­pressly de­cla­res dis­so­cia­tion from any con­t­ents of any lin­ked sites/pages al­te­red af­ter the link was es­ta­blis­hed. This de­cla­ra­tion ap­plies to any and all links and re­fe­ren­ces es­ta­blis­hed wi­t­hin the author’s own In­ter­net of­fe­ring as well to ex­ter­nal ent­ries in guest books, dis­cus­sion fo­rums, link di­rec­to­ries, mai­ling lists and any other forms of da­ta­ba­ses es­ta­blis­hed by the aut­hor to the con­t­ents of which ex­ter­nal wri­t­ing ac­cess is pos­si­ble. For il­le­gal, faulty or in­com­plete con­t­ents, and in par­ti­cu­lar for any da­mage in­cur­red as a re­sult of the usage or non-usage of any in­for­ma­tion of­fe­red this way, the en­tity of­fe­ring the lin­ked site/page shall be ex­clu­si­vely lia­ble, but not the en­tity which me­rely re­fers to the re­spec­tive pu­bli­ca­tion by means of links.
In­tel­lec­tual Pro­perty Rights (Co­py­right and Marks)
The aut­hor en­dea­vors to ob­serve the co­py­rights per­tai­ning to any gra­phics, sound files, vi­deo se­quen­ces and texts used, to use gra­phics, sound files, vi­deo se­quen­ces and texts crea­ted by the aut­hor him­self, or to use license-free gra­phics, sound files, vi­deo se­quen­ces and texts. All brand lo­gos and trade­marks men­tio­ned wi­t­hin the In­ter­net of­fe­ring, which may be sub­ject to third-party pro­tec­tion, are, wi­t­hout li­mi­ta­tion, sub­ject to the pro­vi­si­ons of the re­spec­tively ap­p­lica­ble trade­mark law and the rights of ow­nership of the re­spec­tive re­gis­te­red owner(s). The mere fact that they are men­tio­ned shall not give rise to the con­clu­sion that trade­marks are not pro­tec­ted by the rights of any third par­ties! The co­py­right for any ob­jects publis­hed that have been crea­ted by the aut­hor him­self shall ex­clu­si­vely re­main with the aut­hor of the pa­ges. Any re­pro­duc­tion or usage of such gra­phics, sound files, vi­deo se­quen­ces and texts in any other elec­tro­nic or prin­ted pu­bli­ca­ti­ons is not per­mit­ted wi­t­hout the author’s ex­press consent.
Data (Pri­vacy) Pro­tec­tion
To the extent that wi­t­hin the In­ter­net of­fe­ring there is a pos­si­bi­lity to en­ter per­so­nal or busi­ness data (e-mail ad­dres­ses, na­mes, ad­dres­ses) such data shall be pro­vi­ded by the user on a strictly volun­tary ba­sis. The usage of and pay­ment for any ser­vices of­fe­red, to the extent that this is tech­ni­cally fea­si­ble and re­a­son­able, is also per­mit­ted wi­t­hout the dis­clo­sure of such data and/or by pro­vi­ding an­ony­mi­zed data or a pseud­onym. Usage of con­tact data such as pos­tal mai­ling ad­dres­ses, te­le­phone or fax num­bers as well as e-mail ad­dres­ses lis­ted in the “im­print” or si­mi­lar for­mats by third par­ties for mai­ling any in­for­ma­tion not spe­ci­fi­cally re­ques­ted by the addressee(s) is not per­mit­ted. The aut­hor ex­pressly re­ser­ves the right to take le­gal ac­tion against the sen­ders of so-called e-mail spam in the event of any vio­la­tion of this pro­vi­sion.
Le­gal Ef­fec­tiv­en­ess of this Dis­clai­mer
This dis­clai­mer shall be deemed a com­po­nent of the In­ter­net of­fe­ring from which a re­fe­rence [link] was made to this page. To the extent that parts or any par­ti­cu­lar wording of this text may not, no lon­ger, or in­com­ple­tely con­form to cur­rent le­gis­la­tion, the re­mai­ning parts of this do­cu­ment shall not be af­fec­ted in terms of their con­t­ents and validity.

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