Rewinding and slitting

GS rolly uk
Rewin­ding with ex­actly de­fined and con­trol­led web ten­sion is the be­ne­fit of our rewin­der GS rolly uk. The de­vice is built by JF Ma­chi­nes and is an ideal base for fi­nal con­trol­ling or marking.

More in­for­ma­tion:
GS rolly uk engl. (pdf)

BGM Elite Se­ries
A range of slitter/rewinder ma­chi­nes bet­ween a
ba­sic ta­ble top mo­del and a ser­vo­dri­ven spe­cial
pur­pose foil rewin­der with sui­ta­ble fea­tures for each

More in­for­ma­tion:
BGM Elite TT280 +400 (pdf)
BGM Elite 410 + 450 sri  (pdf)

BGM Elite 410 + 450 SI (pdf)

BGM Elite 450 / 550 Mul­tif­lex + Ecof­lex (pdf)
semi au­to­ma­tic tur­ret rewin­der fit­ting to
all mo­dels  (ex­cept ta­ble tops)
BGM Elite ETR (pdf)

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