Gra­fi­sche Sys­teme GmbH was foun­ded in 1988 by Vol­ker and An­ge­lika Schischke as a tra­ding com­pany in sel­ling ma­chi­nery for the prin­ting in­dus­try. Fo­cus­sed on con­ti­nuous pro­duc­tion and star­ting with forms prin­ting, we have ad­dres­sed our­sel­ves since middle of the ni­ne­ties to the la­bel and packa­ging prin­ting in­dus­try. Our pro­duct range to­day in­clu­des prin­ting ma­chi­nes for al­most every prin­ting pro­cess from dif­fe­rent ma­nu­fac­tu­rers in Eu­rope and Asia, in­clu­ding ink jet di­ti­gal prin­ting. We also supply an ex­cel­lent choice of mo­dern con­ver­ting ma­chi­nes for dif­fe­rent ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons and bud­gets. Use­ful ac­cess­ories for hand­ling com­plete our pro­duct range. Fur­ther­more we can pro­vide la­bel waste so­lu­ti­ons for your prin­ting shop.  
From the start nar­row web fa­bric prin­ting has been for us a small but im­port­ant mar­ket, the­re­fore we of­fer now in ad­di­tion to the prin­ting ma­chi­nes also la­bel pro­ces­sing ma­chi­nery.
Ano­ther mar­ket we have ser­ved for long time is web pro­ces­sing for va­ria­ble data prin­ters. 
We of­fer tech­ni­cal ser­vice for all our pro­ducts and sup­port our cu­st­o­mers sel­ling their pre-used machinery.

Since the pre­ma­ture de­ath of Vol­ker Schischke in De­cem­ber 2006 the com­pany has been jointly run by An­ge­lika Schischke and Hol­ger Grund­mann, as equal ma­na­ging part­ners. Our head of­fice is ba­sed in Meer­busch as is our Ser­vice Cen­ter and Show Room where we re­gu­larly or­ga­nize pre­sen­ta­ti­ons of in­te­res­ting new pro­ducts. In Ja­nu­ary 2015 we have com­bi­ned both di­vi­si­ons at Nikolaus-Otto-Straße 8.  We have a branch of­fice in Wa­ren (Mü­ritz) and for our Scan­di­na­vian cu­st­o­mers a sa­les of­fice in Hol­baek in Denmark.

In 2013 we have ce­le­bra­ted our 25 years an­ni­versary. This has been enab­led by the con­fi­dence of our cu­st­o­mers and the in­no­va­tions of our suppliers. Thank you!

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