Finishing digital prints

digi­Pro finis­hing line
The com­for­ta­ble finis­hing lines by LINK  LABEL
are con­fi­gu­ra­ted to the demand of the custo­mer.
The pos­si­bi­lity to com­bine flat bed and semi
rotary units in one sin­gle machine offers hig­hest
ver­sa­bi­lity. Units for hot foil stam­ping and
embos­sing, flexo-, screen- and off­set prin­ting
are avail­able as well as units for die cut­ting.
The faci­li­ties are com­ple­ted with a selec­tion
of dif­fe­rent unwinds and rewinds.

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Link digi­Pro finis­hing line

Reflex S
The ser­vo­dri­ven Reflex S machine is desi­gned
by FOCUS for in regis­ter rotary or semi rotary
die cut­ting, fur­ther­more var­nis­hing, over­prin­ting,
lami­na­ting, cold foil, slit­ting, she­e­ting and more.
Fur­nis­hings for mul­ti­layer pro­duc­tion avail­able.
High per­for­mance and small foot­print.

fur­ther infor­ma­tion:
FOCUS Reflex S (pdf)
Video semi­ro­tary die cut option


Linea 210 / Linea 330
 SAM MECCANICA’s finis­hing machi­nes
are avail­able for the requi­re­ments of most
app­li­ca­ti­ons and any invest­ment volume.
Two dif­fe­rent series offer hot foil stam­ping,
embos­sing, screen prin­ting and die cut­ting.
The upper class of both comes with a selec­tion
bet­ween semi­ro­tary and flat bed units.

Gal­vo­la­bel XL
The laser cut­ter Gal­vo­la­bel was deve­lop­ped
by WILLY ITA­LIANA pri­ma­rily for cut­ting and
embos­sing fabric labels. The Gal­vo­la­bel XL
model with enlar­ged working area and rewind
faci­li­ties is dedi­ca­ted to the requests for paper
and cer­tain foil labels con­ver­ting.

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