Flexo printing

Proflex Se

eFlex, Pro­flex, Cen­traflex, Reflex

Since 1990 FOCUS Flexo prin­ting machi­nes
have been among our most suc­cess­ful pro­ducts.
Manu­fac­tu­red in modu­lar or CI-design,
pre­do­mi­nantly servo dri­ven, they offer the wide
range of fea­tures which is deman­ded for modern
nar­row web pro­duc­tion of labels and packa­ging.
The model eFlex is a modu­lar machine equip­ped
with the latest print and drive tech­no­logy,
fle­xi­ble in fea­turing, easy to ope­rate, fast set up.
Some of these fea­tures are now incor­po­ra­ted also
into the latest Pro­flex »Se« and »e« models.

fur­ther infor­ma­tion:

Cen­traflex (pdf)
cen­tral impres­sion drum flexo prin­ting
machine up to 6 colours, 250 or 330 mm

Pro­flex Se (pdf)
servo dri­ven modu­lar flexo prin­ting machine
2-10 colours, 250 or 330 mm

Pro­flex e (pdf)
the lower bud­get alter­na­tive with mecha­ni­cal
drive and simi­lar ease of use

eFlex (pdf)

Modu­lar flexo prin­ting press
latest drive and print tech­no­logy
2-12 colours, 330 or 430  mm

Reflex S (pdf)
re regis­ter one colour flexo prin­ting and
con­ver­ting machine , 250 or 330 mm

Cen­traflex UV Casing (pdf)
spe­ci­ally fea­tured for prin­ting on casings


Imprin­ter 310
the use­ful and low cost solu­tion for
on demand imprin­tig of sta­tic indi­vi­dual text
or sym­bols in pre­prin­ted and die cut labels.
New: auto­ma­tic stop at roll’s end

fur­ther infor­ma­tion (pdf)

Link 320 F

is our semi­ro­tary flexo prin­ting machine.
Prin­ting size is 320 mm in width
and 280 mm in length. Spe­cial units enable
reverse side prin­ting wit­hout web tur­ning.
Finis­hing units to inte­grate as die cut­ting,
hot foil stam­ping or screen prin­ting are avail­able.

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